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Our digital marketing agency can help your business to be seen on Google searches ahead of your competitors. Paid Google Ads are displayed above other search results on Google, making them the first search result your customer sees when they have searched for a product, service or solution that you offer in your particular space.
By setting up targeted, effective Google Ads campaigns, we can ensure you the best results for the lowest cost. As your Google Ads agency of choice, we know all of the secrets to generating you the most amount of traffic during any given google ads campaign.

Google Ads Digital Marketing in Port Elizabeth

Our Full-Proof Process Engineered For Success

01. Determining Keywords

Pinpointing the perfect keywords for your campaign is the first step to building a winning Google Ads strategy. Our innovative techniques help us to get into the head of your target audience, which translates into more people clicking more and buying more.

02. Strategising and Optimising

Ensuring that you get the biggest bang for your buck is key to any successful digital marketing strategy. At Find Me Online, we create a winning strategy that targets exactly who you want to reach, when you want to reach them.

03. Tracking The Data

Continuously improving your Google Ads is a priority for our expert team, which is why we measure and track the conversions and spend resulting from each campaign we run. This guarantees you full transparency throughout the process and allows us to recalibrate your Google Ads for best results.

Google Ads FAQs

Running a budget-optimised Google Ad campaign as part of your business’s digital marketing strategy means that targeted people will view and click on your website. This means better lead generation and more sales for your business.
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising means that you only pay for a specific result. Google Ads is a form of PPC marketing. When your business runs a Google Ad campaign, you will pay Google when someone actually clicks on your website. This makes Google Ads a very fair and cost-effective way of marketing your business, as you only ever pay for actual clicks on your website which can then be converted into lead-generation or sales. This makes it much more likely that you will receive an ROI on your marketing spend.

Easy Steps To Our Services

Meet / Audit / Choose Package

Let’s grab a coffee and meet to get to know one another. We will then audit what needs to be audited and provide a report with our suggested approach and a customised selection of packages for you to choose from.

Project Set-up, Quality Check & Repeat

We start off by setting up your project with its various campaigns. We then assess the change, while checking and improving the quality of the results. We then wash, rinse and repeat, unless corrective action is required.

Reporting & Meetings

Everything we do is measurable and our results are all data-driven. We provide monthly reporting and set up regular meetings with our clients to discuss this and make any changes to the campaigns if necessary.

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